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This June 2018, the MUSIC Team of the University of Zurich (UZH) organized the first MUS.I.C. Summer School, entitled “Tissue Engineering: A Road Trip from Bench to Bedside”, offering to consortium members, as well as external interested candidates the unique opportunity to learn from the European experts about the latest break-troughs in the field.

During these three consecutive days of Summer School, 38 interested participants followed lectures in the morning and got hands-on experience in tissue engineering methods in the laboratory for Urologic Tissue Engineering and Stem Cell Therapy in the afternoon. Lectures did not only give an introduction into the development of the field of tissue engineering but also its wide applications for muscle, skin and cartilage engineering as well as the GMP implementation it requires for a clinical trial setup. Afternoon sessions gave every participant the possibility to learn about fat or muscle stem cell isolation, Flow Cytometry staining specific for MPCs, muscle tissue specific microscopy and project planning. The detailed program can be seen on our webpage.

Consortium members from SCE and TUE gave valuable presentations about the Scinus bioreactor – as a future stand-alone, GMP-conform cell expansion option – and needle-free waterjet-based injection techniques. SCE provided additionally the opportunity to get practical experience with MPC culture on collagen-beads in spinner flasks as a high- throughput cell manufacturing technique.

The attendees’ as well as the organizers final feedbacks about the summer school were very positive.




The MUSIC consortium has the pleasure to organize its first summer school “Tissue Engineering: A Road Trip from bench to Bedside“  from 27-29. June.2018 in Zurich, Switzerland. We are honored to have some of the best European experts on the research field of regenerative medicine as our guests and to be able to offer an exciting program with plenty of hands-on experience to the participants.

N.B.: limited participant number!





















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